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We are a group of caring medical professionals, who want you to have all the available facts about Cancer. We have been creating and updating an extensive library of health books since 1995, to help answer all of your questions. Our books and articles inform you about the most advanced therapies available worldwide in an unbiased and updated format.

We receive pre-published information from all the major health organizations and peer review publishers way before they reach other sites. Our books and articles save you precious time. They help to improve the dialogue between you and your doctor. We have lists of questions you should be asking your doctor. The books explain everything about your cancer type. We give you the confidence and peace of mind; knowing that you are making informed health care decisions for yourself or a loved one. We don’t tell you to just be a passive patient.

We arm you with the most up-to-date information about cancer. You will become a warrior, especially within the context of winning the war on cancer. The viral, chemical and physical factors involved in cancer etiology, along with pharmacology and endocrine agents used in cancer treatments are described in detail. Our books are packed with more than enough information to help you make the correct health care decisions for yourself or a loved one.

You may have found us by recommendation, or from the various medical sites that use our information to inform their patients about cancer.

We have a letter from a prestigious Cancer MD. who is a practicing Oncologist for many years, from a Cancer Center which will explain, from a physicians point of view just how our site that shares information about cancer can be of benefit to you.

We first had the forethought, way back in 1995, to envision how the Internet could be used for the advancement of Medical Information, and how they could use this new media to pass along their many years of experience in a clear, concise, and informative manner.

We first started by supplying our information directly to Physicians, and teaching hospitals around the world.

Once the Doctors have read our materials, they are able to pass their Medical Boards for their state licenses. This proved so successful, that many of our physicians have requested that the material be written in lay terms to inform their own patients.

This was phase II of our innovative service. We re-wrote the information that we supply to physicians, and made it available on the net.

That was almost 5 years ago, since that time we have written many new topics, by customer request.

At NO TIME, do we invade into the privacy of your information, to sell or divulge to a third party. All our customers name, details, and diagnosis records are kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL.

We have grown into a large family of friends, who all happen to be associated by way of a dreaded disease. Our site remains the world’s premiere provider of cancer information. We have carefully selected all relevant information on cancer treatment. By joining us now you can be sure that you have done everything possible if you, or someone you love, has cancer. You cannot afford to choose the wrong treatment!

Among the many hospitals who are using our information are Harvard University, Columbia, NYU, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, plus many other top Cancer Centers. The information that we supply should be used to discuss with your doctor or HMO the treatment choices available, and which one is suited for your particular needs or requirements.

Our reviews provide you with the background material, such as what causes cancer? How it is fought, what choices are available to you, and all the latest treatments options. We tell you the side-effects and results, so any treatment chosen will not come as a shock to you.  We even share how smoking certain products can help in treatment and suggest what online head shops are worth shopping at to get that relief.

Winning the battle against cancer starts right here. In other words, you will learn what to do right now!

Our reviews provide you with comprehensive information on your particular cancer.

Educated people live longer, Cancer Advice is your key to this knowledge.

Please note that cannot respond to individual requests for advice. We are an information bureau only. Contact your doctor for more detailed information.